SoulCollage® Workshops, Circles and Playdates

Would you like to discover an easy way to:

  • re-connect to your creativity?

  • access your inner wisdom?

  • renew your spiritual connection to self?

SoulCollage® is a creative visioning and intuitive card-making process that is easy to do, yet becomes a powerful way of exploring your life and deeper self. While words are our first language, there is another – one that likes to be wooed into conversation using image, intuition, dreams and insight. SoulCollage® taps into that language – your cards become an ongoing narrative of your life and a visual story of you!

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Discover SoulCollage®  – Saturday, April 7, 2018

This is an Introductory workshop to learn how to create your own powerful and inspiring deck of cards.

Please use the form below to contact me about registration and payment – thank you!

SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is coming to Edmonton – June of 2018!

For more information about how you can become a SoulCollage® Facilitator and share the power of the SoulCollage® process with others, visit Catherine’s site, Creative Pilgrimage.

Prairie ArtNSoul Collage is on Meet-up! 

SoulCare Playdates:  We gather on a Saturday afternoon for community, creativity, and contemplative card-making. There’s laughter and fun too!  If you’re curious or new to SoulCollage®, we welcome* you to join us. 

Wisdom Circles: During this facilitated group gathering, we work with our SoulCollage® deck to discover the personal stories and wisdom they hold for us. It’s a soul-tending time to explore our cards and relax in a safe space with other like-minded women. 

Dates and Location can be found via our Meetup group. *Meet-up is free and easy to join! Follow this link: and then look for our group: Expressive Arts & Creative Journaling

*Note: Although prior knowledge about SoulCollage® isn’t needed to begin making cards, anyone new to the process will find it very helpful to take an introductory workshop early in their journey.. However, please don’t let this stop you from coming – the basics will always be available for those new to SoulCollage®.

One-on-one sessions – in person or via Skype: If you would like some support with your SoulCollage® cards, or if distance and time are preventing you from attending a workshop or event, this may be a good option for you.

During a personal, one-on-one session, I will act as facilitator, witness and scribe, and together we  will discover the hidden wisdom in your deck of cards. Following your session, you will be provided with a copy of your reading, including suggestions for further exploration.  

Contact me to find a time for us to work together with your SoulCollage® cards. Alternately, you can sign up for the Skype download – it’s free – and we can work with your cards from any distance.

Sessions:  $50.00 (one hour)

Give yourself the gift of soul-tending time!

For additional information about hosting an introductory workshop, registration or payment information, please contact me using the form below: