The Halfway Point

Yay – I’m more than halfway through the year with my Rolodex 365 Project – 212 mini cards are done (as of end of July) and only 153 to go! Here are June’s…

365-June 1 to 10

365-June 11 to 20

365-June 11 to 20

365-June 21 to 30

I found myself playing catch-up on more than one occasion…routines just seemed to go out the window with the onset of summer.  July mini-cards are below…


365-July 1 to 10

365-July 11 to 20

365-July 11 to 20


365-July 21 to 30

Last, but not least, continuing to put my message out there – “I need space!”

365-July 31

365-July 31

Yes, I am a keeper of ALL things that might find a way into my art-making, but this results in a studio space that frequently needs cleaning up and clearing out.  Ha – if that were only so! Realistically, that’s not what happens – I just end up reorganizing and moving things from one spot to another.  It doesn’t make my space any larger, but it does fire my imagination when I re-discover things I’d forgotten I had!

However, I’m looking for a different sort of space – an art space where I can offer daily expressive arts sessions; a space for self-exploration, creativity and play.  A friend and kindred soul recently posted such a request on her FB page, and lo and behold, someone responded with an offer.  Really???  Is it as simple (and powerful) as that?   Yes…yes it is.  Just ASK.  You might just get an answer… 🙂

Imagine a place...

Imagine a place…

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