Starting From the Same Place


This was a fun project I did, hosted by Tina Walker, and included many participants, all given the same products (sponsored by Beacon Adhesives, Amazing Casting Products, and StencilGirl). Signing up for this sort of collaboration challenges me – in a good way! – but I have to confess I was very pressed for time and didn’t think I’d make the deadline.


Product kit – Starting from the Same Place

I knew I’d create some sort of book so that I could highlight a few items on each page. Ta-Da!! I did it, but technologically challenged me didn’t get in on the links and sharing.  So here’s my finished book…





Thanks for putting this together, Tina Walker, and to all the other artists who joined in on the fun – wow!! – what amazing creativity!!


4 thoughts on “Starting From the Same Place

  1. Ginette

    Rosann, that all looks great! Quite the project! I can see how challenging this could be. I can see that, as an artist, this type of challenges is great to push someone out of their comfort zone. Great job with that!

    1. Rosann Post author

      Thanks Ginette! It was a fun challenge – and my first time participating in this kind of collaboration.


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