How would you feel about committing to a year-long art-project? To creating something every day?  Things happen, life happens, and it would be all too easy to fall behind, right? Even the most fun and creative activity can become a chore, even more so if you’re sick, or tired…and what happens when you travel?  Or worse, boredom?  That was my biggest fear…what if it killed my joy in creating, playing in my studio, if I had to do a project E-V-E-R-Y day for a whole year?

So, why do it?

Well, the whole purpose for me was to see if I could create a habit of creating. Something small, every day, for 365 days.

365 Project

My 365 Project

I was greatly inspired by Gretchen Miller’s 365 Project last year, and decided this was something I wanted to do too. A challenge to myself for myself.  Just because.

As I began, it was important to keep these things in mind: trust the process; be gentle with myself; realize that not all were going to be quality pieces, and that was okay.

Organization and careful planning seemed to be key to staying on track;  a time commitment of 15-30 minutes was do-able; and I already had the perfect piece to work on – an old, salvaged Rolodex file.  Each card is 2 1/4″ x  4″,  more than enough space to creatively capture something from each day – an image, a word, a thought or feeling. And at the end of the year, all these little file cards will be housed in one place, a visual kaleidoscope of memories to treasure.

Throughout the coming year, I’ll share my 365 Project here  – the joys and challenges – and post photos regularly.  Here’s my first batch – January 1st to 16th.








2 thoughts on “Something Small, Every Day

  1. gretchen

    I love this!!! I’ve always been inspired by the concept of using a rolodex to contain art— your cards are beautiful! I also love your “things to keep in mind”— so true! Can’t wait to see how the project unfolds…. so excited for you as you work on this process…. 🙂


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