QuiRky Spirit Dolls

What a fun day we had last Sunday creating QuiRky Spirit Dolls!

We begin in Circle.

We begin in circle.

A spring-time poem about transformation and unfolding set the tone for this day of play,  followed by an exploration of our personal symbols and colour preferences. We set an intention to invite Spirit into the process as both co-creator and collaborator. We let go of trying to make the doll look a certain way, and instead allowed ourselves to be led by Spirit and trust our hands to create what wanted to be born. Our guiding motto became, “Let my work be Spirit’s playground!

Prep work involved cutting what seemed like endless strips of fabric. It was time-consuming, but I like lots of choice, and wanted others to have the same. Have I mentioned that I’m a hoarder collector of stuff? Some of those fabrics included leftovers from curtains I’d made 20 years ago, and an Easter outfit for my (then) 8 year old daughter. I knew there’d be a use for them – someday!  There was a colourful rainbow of fabrics to choose from.

Fabric rainbow

Fabric rainbow

It took the better part of the morning and afternoon to create a form, dress, and embellish the dolls.  Participants were then invited to create an installation using their Spirit Doll, scarves, images and words chosen earlier in the day.  There was time for written reflection. A name was given. A story emerged.

Making dolls was a favourite past-time when I was a little girl, and anything – paper, sticks, fabric and yarn – could become a figure that resulted in hours of play.  Who would have thought I’d still be having so much fun with this creative process as an adult? Surprise!

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    1. Rosann Post author

      They were amazing! I love this process and being witness to the figures and stories that emerge!


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