My Heart’s Delight

“Remember to delight yourself first, then others can be truly delighted.”

January and a new year are well underway: holiday decorations are down, and the house looks a little sad without all the sparkle and shine it wore last month. It always takes me a few days to get used to rooms being back to their old selves again, and the re-decorating itch begins. I have to stifle the urge to scratch it, but a bowl full of bright yellow lemons on the counter, a tray of candles, and a few colourful cushions tossed about help to bring some much needed colour back. Thankfully, our long winters include lots of welcome sunshine too.

I got a bit behind on a few of my year-end rituals (priorities – lots of cuddle fixes with my little grandson), but eventually my yearly review got done, intentions made, and my word-for-the-year exercise completed. My word? DELIGHT!

My first thoughts were, “Huh? What a silly word!?” I was expecting something more along the lines of ‘Courage,’ or ‘Adventure.’  You know – power words, ‘going somewhere’ words, result-oriented. But… ‘delight??’

Delight: a high degree of pleasure or enjoyment; joy, rapture; something that gives great pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment; to please highly; to take pleasure in (She delights in going for long walks in the country.) Yes, yes, I do.

So I’ve decided to embrace and embody this word in the coming year. To experience delight for no other reason than the pure joy of doing so.  It’s become my morning mantra, “Delight in this day.”

Week 1 Project - Beacon of LightTo ensure I experience a heavy dose of artistic delight, I’m participating in several creative workshops and swaps this year – learning new skills, exploring, playing, and delighting in the creative process.

Friends Rachelle and Dara encouraged me to join LifeBook 2015, and this was our first project – to create a ‘Beacon of Light’ to represent the guiding light on our journey. Although I’m not generally drawn to whimsy, she’s already captivated me with her large, gentle eyes and wisp of a smile. She is adorned with lots of gold and glitter. She sparkles and shines.

I’ve named her ‘Heart’s Delight.’

I’m looking forward to a DELIGHTFUL year ahead, and wish the same for you!

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