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For the past few months, between 3 and 5 o’clock, one ear has been perked for the sound of the mailbox clanging.  Sometimes I’ll check…just in case I missed hearing it.

What for, you ask?  Yes, well, most often it’s just a handful of bills and advertisements inside – nothing too exciting there.   Personal letters are a thing of the past, and even special occasion cards are sent electronically, if at all.  So what’s to look forward to??  Mail Art!  I’ve been checking my mailbox with almost child-like anticipation, and of late, packages have been arriving with some regularity due to several swaps I’m participating in.

Packages coming and going

Packages coming and going

The first is an Art Doll swap hosted by Dara and includes a group of wonderful women whom I journeyed with through PIEAT. This swap began last fall, with each of us forming a figure using wire and foam strips, giving it a name and the beginnings of a story that would be added to as the doll travelled from one person to the next.  We’ll finish in May with a reunion of friends and our final exchange, as each doll is returned to its original creator.  I’ve only seen each of them in various stages of completion, but they are AMAZING – I can hardly wait!  (Promise I’ll take lots of photos and share them here).

The second swap is with the 14 Secrets group – Recipes for Stress Relief Journals using paper bags. Paper bag journals are fun and easy, just the right size and already come complete with pockets that you can tuck a little something extra into.  There are lots of video tutorials online, with slight variations in each, so check out a few.  Including myself, there are 12 of us participating, so I varied each of my pages and included words and images to reflect a different ‘recipe’ for stress relief.  These were mailed out to artists in Canada, the US, and France…and journal pages have been arriving for weeks. Great fun!

12 Stress Relief pages made using paper bags

I SO look forward to receiving these welcome gifts in my mailbox, and really enjoy making them too.  In fact, I might just go through withdrawal once they come to an end.  What then??

Simple…I’ll just keep signing up and participating in various mail art swaps!  Still, practicality dictates that I don’t get overwhelmed with deadlines and projects of my own.  In other words, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew!”  That could bring on a lot of un-due stress – WAIT! there’s a recipe for that…

Stress Relief Recipe - Make Art!

Stress Relief Recipe – Make Art!

MAKE ART, and keep the creative goodness flowing 🙂

One thought on “Mail Art and Swaps

  1. Dara

    I get such pleasure from opening up or unboxing art in the mail! I love the surprise and excitement of seeing something created by hand and I instantly feel connected to it somehow..thank you Rosann for the nice link to 14 Secrets, she has a beautiful site.
    I WILL keep the goodness flowing!


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