Daisy Days & Water Woes

Whew – what a week! Last Monday afternoon, I came home to find an inch of water in parts of my basement, and my first thoughts were, “No! Not again!!” Flashback to 5 years ago: we had major water damage and heavy-duty blowers were going for almost a week to dry up the walls and floors (deafening!). In total, 4 rooms of the house needed repair/restoration, with my office/studio getting the worst of it.

Studio damage

Imagine coming home after a wonderful week of vacation to find an indoor water feature in your creative space!!  Water was literally streaming down the outside wall, and the ceiling was just about to give way. What-a-mess!!! I gathered a small stash of my ‘cant-do-without’ art supplies and the rest was packed up, along with furniture and items from other rooms, and put into storage for almost a year.  This time, damage was minimal – thank goodness!


(Note: Be careful what you wish for!  Whenever I visit my hometown, I always make a point to spend some time by the water, but this was NOT what I had in mind when wishing to bring some water to my wee corner of the Prairies! I’m good with my little water fountain on the front porch, and look forward to the backyard dry bed/water feature, currently under construction).


August’s gluebook pages got finished late, but I’m happy with how they turned out. Collage, acrylics, spray inks, rub-on dots, and a small piece of washi-tape. The feather was attached with a piece of wire. The inchie isn’t mine – it was made as part of a swap I participated in several years ago at Creative Escape in AZ. But I did add my ‘original’ inchie to the other two gluebook pages…packed and ready to go.

Daisy Days - August gluebook page

Wishing YOU warmth, sunshine and creative goodness during these last few days of August.  Oh, and daisies too!

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    1. Rosann Post author

      Some creative goodness to look forward to finding in the mailbox soon! Change is heading our way…house-to-house mail delivery in our neighbourhood is ending by end of September 🙁 It’ll be a short walk to pick up our mail.


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