Art Delights My Soul

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, and nothing creatively artsy is calling me right now.  I blame it on the lack of sunshine; these grey days are so un-motivating for me.  The usual abundant sunshine that make our long winters bearable is missing this year, at least it seems that way to me. So I’m going to post some of the projects I’ve completed recently…it just might motivate me to do more!

Life Book projects…

The artful lettering project with Joanne Sharpe was fun – reminded me of my bubble letter phase from long ago, except this is so much more. LOVE my new Tombow markers too!  The colours are so vibrant, and give a watercolour effect when used with brush and water.  Definitely fun to play with.


This dreamcatcher project by Rachael Rice was made using an old doily – collage, paint (lots of gold!) a few feathers and ribbon completed this mixed media piece.  Included on the feathers are a few of my ‘intention’ words for 2015.


Drawing feathers that look like feathers and not leaves has always been a challenge, but Tamara Laporte’s tutorial was great.  I think mine actually looks like a feather!  I love all the little details, including the words interspersed throughout. Dylusian inks, collage, and various black/white markers were used.

Feb Gluebook Pages

February Glue-book/Mail-art pages popped into the post today – destination Calgary and Cochrane, AB.  Watercolours, spray inks, stamps, markers, words and stickers were used, along with a stencil that says, “Create something new everyday,” but only the word ‘Create’ came through.  I added the <3 hearts because I did these yesterday. Happy Valentine’s Day to my mail art friends!

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