A Winter of Planning & Listening

“Inside everyone is a great shout of joy waiting to be born.”

What a beautiful line from the poem, The Winter of Listening, by David Whyte. The link takes you to the site, On Being, to a post by Parker J Palmer. The poem was recently shared on Facebook, and so resonated with me, especially during this season of reflection and remembering.

Along with all the scurrying and holiday preparations, I also like to review the year coming to a close, plan ahead, set goals, and ask questions like:

“What did I learn? What worked? What didn’t? What do I need more of? What is waiting in me to be born? And so on…

Perhaps you do something similar?

For instance, although I participated in several fun art swaps with creative friends both near and far…

…I realized that my art-making time was too often swallowed up by ‘other things.’ Things that needed doing, for sure, but not at the expense of my creative play-time.  Honouring “me-time” is high on the list for 2016.

My ‘word-of-the-year’ – SEEK – found me as I created this visioning card, rich in imagery and messages.

Word/Vision Card

My process has evolved over the years, and doing Jamie Ridler’s Planning Day last year was very helpful in defining these 10 core areas that are important to me – Home, Connection, Spirituality, Creativity, Learning, Self-Care, Relationships, Prosperity, Mission, and Travel. I’ve set specific intentions in each area – a roadmap which I can follow and check on as the year unfolds. 

As I write, skies to the east have darkened, and only a hint of light remains to the west. On this Winter Solstice, we await the return of the light, the sun, and the lengthening of days…and remember there is another Light that shines always in our hearts – one that darkness can never overcome.

May the beauty of this holiday season bring you hope and peace throughout the coming year!

PS: I plan to do some tweaking and maintenance on the website over the holidays, and hope that my technical inexperience doesn’t cause too much mayhem! Wish me luck! ;))

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