2015 – Here I Come!

NY Postcard

It’s said that you can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve come from.  Setting aside time to reflect, review and celebrate the blessings of the year is a yearly December ritual for me, but the busy-ness of the holiday season found me scrambling to catch up.

My Intention Journal is prepared and I’m bouncing my Word-of-the-Year around in my head and in my heart – tasting it on my tongue, feeling it in my body – deciding if this is the one I’ll claim. Truthfully, it’s already claimed me, so I’m just going through the motions, ha-ha. My word makes me smile, inside and out.  I also have 7 extra words that will support and encourage me in the months ahead – areas that I want to give greater attention to.  More about these later…

I’ve got several great creative practices lined up this year – so excited about each of them! I’m participating in:

  • Life Book 2015
  • Bloom True (I started in October, but am doing another round 2 with my group)
  • Glue Book Swap (with friends Dara and Rachelle)
  • Bookends (with Rachelle)
  • TIAGF (A daily gratitude practice with my BFF Deb.  We’ve been doing this daily for 15 months!)

What are your creative plans for 2015?  I hope they’re juicy, joyful, and juuuust right for you 🙂

Wishing you a year filled with many opportunities for creative expression and experiences of beauty, blessings, gratitude, and most of all, love.

2 thoughts on “2015 – Here I Come!

    1. rosann.whale@gmail.com Post author

      YES! Happy and excited to share, play, and dive deeply into the creative process with a kindred spirit. 🙂


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