“Tell me…What is the story you are telling? What wild song is singing itself through you?” 

Everyone is creative, but sometimes life experiences block our creative flow and we need some means of tapping into it again. 

Art Provides that Opening…

and Tells a Story Deeper than Words.

When we free the creative spirit in our lives, it will always find its way to whatever needs attention. As a certified Expressive Arts Consultant Educator, I offer creative work playshops that invite curiosity and exploration to the power of art as a tool for self-expression, healing and personal growth. 

Give it a try. Take a deep breath, trust in the process, and say, “Ahhh.” It doesn’t hurt.
I did – and discovered a deeply nurturing path to authentic, heart-filled living.
Now the AWE comes easily.

“Listen: In the silence between there is music…in the spaces between there is story.”                                                                    ~ Sally Atkins